PICO-POS is a compact, flexible and very affordable Point-of-Saley system for retail, grocery and hospitality needs. As a very secure stable flash-ROM system, retailers never need to worry about their Point-of-Sale system being abused or compromised.
Only PICO-POS combines both programmable keypad and a SVGA color LCD Touch Screen, providing an easy Electronic Cash Register upgrade path and the best operating experience for retailers.


Advanced Features

  • SVGA Color Touch LCD Screen
  • True Native Embedded Software
  • Integrated MSR and Programmable Keypad
  • PICO-Cloud Data Backup and Reporting Services
  • WaveSoft Mobile POS Integration
  • Graphical and Resizable Soft-key Support
  • Flexible Operating Mode Template Selection
  • Clock In/Out Time Attendace Function
  • Itemized Tax Levels and Discounts
  • 99 Clerks with 10 Level User Groups 
  • Up to 99 Categories(Departments)
  • Up to 9,999 PLUs with 10 Sell Units, 5 Price Levels
  • Optional and Forced Modifiers
  • Cash Out and Item Sale Reports
  • Open Export Interface for Back-Office Accounting Software

Complete Cloud Services 

  •  Employee/User Account Management Services
  •  Software Update and Template Selection Services
  •  System Setup and Configuration Services
  •  PLU and Menu Item Maintenance Services
  •  Database Backup Services (Real-time & Offline)
  •  Cloud Based Reporting (Mobile Ready)
  •  Gift Card and Loyalty Functions
  •  Enterprise Data and Reporting Services

While PICO-POS is a complete standalone and secure Flash-ROM POS system, it comes 
with the most advanced cloud based services, “PICO-Cloud Services” (or “PCS”), among 
today’s ECR/POS solutions. Through the PCS portal, users can configure PICO-POS 
screen layouts, functions; or create/ modify PLUs with any internet browser 
or smartphone and then synchronize the system settings and database to one or multiple 
PICO terminals on the fly. The PCS also includes an Intelligent Data Services which can 
backup and integrate sales data from PICO-POS systems in real-time or with a batch 
operation. The PCS smart reporting services deliver the most comprehensive on-demand 
cloud based reports for independent retail merchants and large enterprise corporations.


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