Power Features:

* SQL client-server architect                    * Date sensitive report output
* Truly real-time automatic posting         * Daily bank reconciliation
* User-friendly screen interface               * SQL Intelligence queries wizard
* User access right control                        * Schedule backup without exclude on-line users
* User audit trails                                         * Contra for AR & AP can be made easily in journal entry
* External file handling                               * Multiple report format for the same report type
* Advanced analysis tools                         * One click to email the document and report
* System reminders                                    * Zoom-in from graphs / reports to source 
* Online-help                                               * Export as external file format
* Powerful search engine                            (e.g. excel, word, PDF, jpg etc.)
* Powerful report writer                               * Real-time in wide are network


General Ledger Module is designed according to the needs of the current market and represents the contemporary and the most up-to-date bookkeeping
techniques it offers convenient and real-time information to users with more than 70 industry-specific and ready-made templates for quick startup. 


* Real-time automatic postings from various modules 
* Multiple companies (depending on licenses purchased)
* Multiple level in chart of account
* Multiple level of valid posting periods
* Unlimited accounting periods
* Unlimited sets of running numbers (e.g payment voucher no. for different bank, petty cash etc.)
* Optional month-end and year-end closing
* Powerful budgeting capabilities
* Date sensitive report output
* Extensive comparative and historical data 
* Extensive zoom in facility (e.g profit & loss report allow to zoom-in to generalledger and the source documents etc.)  
* User-friendly source document design 
* Cash flow status report
* Cash flow forecast report
* Copy details from previous JV, PV and OR
* Contra for AR & AP can be easily made in journal entry
* Tracking on unpresented cheques & uncredited funds everyday


The Accounts Receivable Module is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency of a company's receivable by providing up-to-date information on business transactions. 
The Accounts Recevable (AR) Module provides function that allows users to generate real time statement and reports for in-depth analysis on receivables and collections by period, geographical are, customer category, customer status and salesperson.


* Accept Multiple payment method from customer 
* Generate interest charges for overdue customers 
* Open credit reports
* External file handling in customer accounts
* Able to define budgets for individual customer sales
* Able to scan debtor code using barcode scanner 
* Able to print debtor code in barcode format
* Able to hold posting of post-dated cheques received that are yet to bank-in 
* Filtering outstanding balance in credit-limit report
* Filtering by number of days/months outstanding in 
* Filtering by number of days/months overdue in overdue invoices report
* Outstanding invoices report 
* Mail Merge (able to create letters or notices for customers via fax / email)
* Email reminder Letters / Statement / letters to all the customers at one click.


Accounts Payable is designed to efficiently manage a company's expenditures. QnE helps you tokeep accurate information on your cash management by carefully tracking and taking advantage of term discount, predicting cash requirements and tracking payment to ensure they are made only once.

Purchase Budget By Vendor function allow users to tracked budgeted purchases from a particular vendor specified period. This function provides a useful management tool for users to manage their purchases from vendors.


The Sales Module is a powerful module that manages the entire sales cycle for users. This module provides quotaion, sales order, delivery order, invoicing and sales return. This module also provides functionality to manage customer back-order fulfillment, thus, increasing you customer satisfaction.  The sales module is tightly integrated to accounts receivable module, inventory control module and credit control module. This will provide users with all necessary information to manage customer's account. With the sales module, managing your customer is never easier and users can have a more effective customer relationship management tool.


* Alternative inventory costing method
   FIFO, FIFO with future cost, weighted average, last purchased price, fixed cost and LIFO.

* Serial Number
   Track serial numbers from purchases through sales in all inventory transactions and you will be able to knows which serial number is still available in your stock balance. This functionality is crucial for warranty and repair tracking.

* Batch & Lot Number
Tracks batch or lot numbers and expiry date from purchase to sale in all inventory transactions provides batch /  lot numbers that are still available in stock and batch /  lot that numbers are almost near to the expiry date which consider as un-sellable items. This is especially useful for food and beverage industry.

* Multi-set of Bill of Materials
   For material planning, stock assembly & wastage analysis

* Productions Control
Stock issued for production and non-production, material consumptions, finished goods roduce and production reate control by batch or period etc.

* Stocktaking facilities
Stocktaking using wireless scanner, results update to the system directly and show variances in between the stocktaking results and system balances. Adjustments can be created by the system automatically.

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