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Integrated business software for midsize and large companies.

Hansaworld Enterprise is a single, multi user, multi-company, multi-currency,easy-to-use Integrated business Management Software system covering Accounting and Financials, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) which runs in multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix). It enables you to manage your critical business functions from sales (including Point of Sales), distribution, financials and inventory all in a single integrated application. It consists of 45 modules designed to meet your specific industry needs and business processes. With HansaWorld Enterprise, you can instantaneously access a complete and up-to-the minute view of your business, so you can respond to customers faster and grow your business more profitably.

What We Do...

  • - Accounts
  • - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • - Point of Sales
  • - eCommerce
  • - Project Management
  • - Customer Relationship Management
  • - Vertical Solutions (Rentals, Training Courses, Repairs, Manufacturing, Hotels)
  • - Business Intelligence

Benefits and Highlights of this Product

WAN capability

HansaWorld is a true client server system that runs easier and faster on WAN/Internet than any other system we know. It uses TCP/IP to communicate between client server at just 16KB/sec meaning you are truly mobile. Take your office with you on a laptop, on a phone, or on just a memory stick. And its not browser based, you get the full benefit of an installed app! HansaWorld does not need communications software such as Citrix or Terminal Server to run, allowing you to save on these third party licenses.

Ease of Use

Yes, we have won numerous awards for our ease of use. Not only is HansaWorld extremely easy to use for any type of user, but it is also easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to configure, easy to customise, easy to install, easy to upgrade, easy to carry along, easy to download if you forgot to carry it along, you get my point.

Multi Platform

HansaWorld is equally at home on Windows, Mac and Linux, in a mixed network. It also supports various other server and mobile phone operating systems. You have the choice! Benefits for you include low TCO through the use of Linux, and happiness in your company because everyone gets to use the OS they prefer. It also means you typically do not have to replace any hardware when installing HansaWorld.


Ever struggled with a slow system? HansaWorld's use of an object oriented database (you can run it on SQL as well...) ensures that the system is extremely fast no matter how high your transaction volumes. And you typically need less server hardware than our competitors because of that.


HansaWorld ERP application is just 17MB. And this includes the full 45 modules of our ERP, including the communications layers! How's that for small with a big punch! Dont believe it? Well, download our ERP now and have it installed on your machine in a couple of minutes to see for yourself. Everyone can do it. No rocket science there.

Multi Window

Most modern GUI based ERP systems are now multi window capable. But HansaWorld does this as good as it gets. All windows are editable, reports are interactive, you can have up to 400 windows open at any time (if you can manage that). This means you are flexile in your work.


HansaWorld's wide range of over 45 modules allows for all business processes to be run in a single integrated system, including build in CRM, SCM and BI.

Full Integration

HansaWorld's fully integrated design allows efficiencies in workflows and processes which are impossible to achieve with systems that are merely a collection of separate interfaced programs


HansaWorld is built to be a lean system, allowing savings on server, workstations and data-line specifications


HansaWorld can utilize most existing infrastructure and interface with other databases and programs.


HansaWorld is fully scalable to a system of hundreds of users. Updates are straightforward and risk averse.


HansaWorld continuously adopts the latest technologies. This ensures that the solution is future proof. HansaWorld is already available for use on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Nokia Business Phones.

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