Intelligent Tablet Payment Terminal i9300

Urovo i9300 is an all-in-one tablet payment terminal, integrated with all functions of traditional handheld POS and tablet PC. Based on Android platform, Urovo i9300 is specially designed for electronic payment application of retail and business field. It supports bar code scanning, RFID reading and wireless communication to achieve more efficient, convenient, secure terminal solutions in a variety of industries; it also supports E-Payment function of multiple magnetic cards, IC card and inductive cards, to confirm the real-time and safety financial services of such pay application.


(1)Professional Financial Transaction Terminal

Support 3 E-payment functions for magnetic stripe bank cards, financial IC card and contactless cards (RFID).


(2)Excellent Functions and User Experience

High-performance CPU, 7-inch high-definition capacitance screen, support multi-point touch and large storage capacity; integrated with thermal printer, bar code reader and RFID module, to better meet the retail industries application requirement.


(3)High Security

Conform to multiple payment standards and certifications. According to PCI safety standard design, Urovo i9300 has successfully passed the conducted PIN input device security assessment testing of Union Pay Card acceptance terminal to ensure the safety of financial transaction.


(4)Multiple Data Communication

Support GPRS/GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G network (optional: WCDMA HSDPA / CDMA2000 1x EV-DO / TD-SCDMA).


(5)Flexible External Interface

Provide password keyboard conforming to the UnionPay standard and HDMI interface; support development interfaces of SDK to satisfy flexible customization in various applications.

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Smart POS Payment Terminal i9000s

In order to meet the needs of e-commerce,financial insurance,commercial retail,Logistics Express and other industry applications,Urovo has developed the Smart POS Payment Terminal i9000s. Urovo Smart POS Payment Terminal i9000s combines the functions of financial POS and big screen PDA,which maintains a high degree of integration and portability.It can be used to provide powerful calculation,safe payment,fast data collection and convenient information access.


Multiple payment solutions

Traditional MSR , Chip card , NFC

2D payment

Membership rewards point

l  Enterprise security

Custom OS with various security enhancements that change Android from a consumer OS to an enterprise platform.

Supports 2 PSAM slots , meeting the most stringent requirement of financial institution and government agencies.

EMV L1 , L2 certified

EMV contactless

PCI certified

l  Voice and data connection

7 band WAN radio with high speed data access

802.11b/g/n WiFi

l  Advance capacitive screen

5” HD (720 x 1280)

Industrial grade sensitivity, works with gloves and wet fingers

l  Powerful data collection

Optional 1D or 2D scan engine

5MP camera

GPS location

l  Thermal printer

2” thermal printer

30mm paper roll

40mm paper roll (future option)

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