Business Basics

Easy business and accounting software for small or home-based businesses.

MYOB Business Basics simplifies the way you quotes, track and invoice your jobs, simultaneously tracking your transactions and tax and providing you with over 70 reports to help you understand your business better.


        Manage your business easily

       - New Company File and Easy Setup assistants get you up and running fast

       - Simple English terms instead of accounting jargon

       - Getting Started Guide, User Guide and built-in help files

       - Find accounts by name or number when categorising transactions - software to fit the way you work

       - Built-in checker to avoid errors, and double entries

Step-by-step assistants will help you create and set up your company details and opening balances.

Related processes are grouped together and presented in logical flowcharts - easy to find.

On-screen forms look like their paper equivalents, and each step is clear. Eg, sales are recorded in a window that looks like an invoice.

The double-entry accounting your accountant wants is taken care of for you.

Should you need it, comprehensive help is just a mouse-click away.

  Invoice customers quickly

   - Customise quotes, invoices and statements to your business lookPrint and fax quotes

   - Put headings and subtotals wherever you like on your invoices

   - Record all your sales details, whether you invoice for goods, services, subscriptions, or memberships with MYOB BusinessBasics

   - Spend less time preparing invoices - set sales preferences for each customer

   - Email invoices to your customers so they receive them faster

BusinessBasics makes invoicing less of a headache, keeps everything organised and helps you keep an eye on your debtors.

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Integrated Accounting, Billing and Inventory Management Software

Powerful, yet easy-to-use business software!

* Save time managing and processing your accounts

* Understand more about your business

* Manage your stock, goods or inventory

MYOB Accounting avoids accounting jargons and is easy to use. Its award winning design guides you through the automation of your accounts, making it easy to track all your accounting data. 

1. Analyse your business in more than 160 ways

* Over 160 flexible reports and charts

* Assess up-to-date Profit and Loss statements and Balance Sheets

* Produce comprehensive reports and send to Microsoft Excel for further analysis

* Email or save reports to disk for your accountant

* Use the Company Data Auditor to detect common processing errors and to ensure the integrity of your business information.

2. Manage your customers effectively

You can't manage what you can't measure so you'll be pleased to know that MYOB Accounting can give you up-to-the-minute sales and customer information.

Reports can be exported in a variety of different formats, allowing you to send them electronically or open them in Microsoft Excel or other office software.

3. Produce completely customised forms

Redesign your invoices and statements -  make them your own! Every business is unique. Your business forms are the public face of your company and MYOB invoices, statements and other forms can be completely customised. 

Choose from a wide range of data fields, add borders, background pictures, shading or coloured lines - in short, create the perfect form for your business!

4. Comprehensive Inventory Management

You'll appreciate the flexibility and freedom you have when working with inventory transactions. You can recall, edit, reverse and delete inventory adjustments and transfers just as you can with other recorded transactions.

5. Invoice your customers by Email

Save on postage and stationery costs by emailing your invoices - it's easy to do with MYOB Accounting! It also means you can get your invoices out faster, improving your cash flow.

You can email quotes, orders and invoices direct to your customers and suppliers, because MYOB Accounting creates forms and report as secure PDF documents that can't be edited.

6. Company Data Auditor

The Company Data Auditor is a series of checklist windows that guides you through the process of performing a high-level integrity chack of the data in your company file.

7. Automated bank reconciliations

The Get Statement features imports bank and credit card statements that you've downloaded from the internet and marks all the matching transactions as cleared. Easy! (Please note: file formats of your bank statements are bank dependent)


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Premier v13

Integrated Accounting, Billing, Inventory and Multiple-currency Management Software (Manager Range)


1. Put your best stock forward

MYOB Premiere automatically adjust your inventory as you sell items. Unlike most other systems, MYOB Premier goes the extra mile by giving you the flexibility and freedom when working with inventory transactions as you can:

* Recall
* Reverse
* Delete inventory adjustments and transfers

Powerful reporting options also allow you to easily reconcile your stock on hand with your inventory account for any given date. MYOB Premier also features a sophisticated pricing matrix with:

* Five quantity breaks and
* Six pricing Level

This allows you to map out pricing and sale strategies based on customer status.

If you sell items from different warehouses or hold stock in multiple locations, MYOB Premiere helps you keep track of items quantities held at each location, MYOB Premier helps you keep track of items quantities held at each location.

2. Get Started Fast

To help you get started, the Premier Easy Setup Assistant prompts you with a series of questions that helps you set-up your accounts according to your industry and business needs - you can be up and running in minutes.

You can then get straight into recording your business transactions, even if you aren't familir with accounting concepts and principles. MYOB Premier does all the double entry accounting behind the scenes for you, so you just fill in the familiar on-screen forms and click Record when you're done.

When you want to learn how to edit or delete the transaction you're looking at, or how to create a new transaction, or any other task, a quick step by step guide is just a couple of clicks away from every window.

3. Multi-user access

MYOB Premier lets multiple people access your business informaion simultaneously. MYOB Premier is issued with 1 or 3 user licenses; further licenses are available direct from MYOB as your business requirement change.

You can set up password-protected user profiles to control which Screens, Reports, Menu items each user has access to, ensuring sensitive business information remains discreet.

Multi user capability can also speed up internal processes, and save your accounts personnel from being interrupted with requests for information about inventory, sales, accounts and creditors.\

4. Record Foreign Currency Transactions

With MYOB Premier , you can sell and purchase goods and services in foreign currencies and perform a whole range of task in multiple currencies including:

* Sales and Purchases transactions
* Customer and vendor payments
* General journal entries
* Cheques and deposits

5. Analyse your business in more than 200 ways

Make Informed decisions based on accurate and detailed information:

* Over 200 flexible reports and charts
* Assess up-to-date Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets
* Produce comprehensive reports and send to Microsoft Excel for further analysis 
* Email reports for your accountants
* Use inbuilt Data Auditor to detect common processing errors and to ensure integrity of your business information
* View screen-optimised or print-preview versions of each report 
* Analyse sales by salesperson, track where sales are coming from, and identify customers who owe money, stay on topof outstanding invoices and more.

6. Need to keep track of your Time?

MYOB Premier's time billin functions have been designe to work exactly the way you collect and bill your time:

* Track your hourly and non-hourly, chargeable and non chargeable activities.
* Bill by employee, customer or activity rate.
* Partially charge, write off time or defer your billing until next month 
* Set up records for all the activities your company provides

Create invoices that automatically update with time slip details, or present a standard activity description. Also include stock items on the same invoice!

7. Business Insights (NEW!)

The Business Insights feature allows you to analyse key financial information using a range of interactive tables and graphs. You can use it to analyse your:

* Available cash 
* Cash flow
* Profit and Loss
* The Money that you owe suppliers
* The Money that customers owe you

With Access to such information you can now:

* Plan your expenditure work out 
* Predict the effect a major purchase or hiring would have on your cash position
* Predict Cash flows Issues
* Renegotiate customer payment terms
* Contact customers with overdue payments
* Negotiate a payment or discount with your supplier

Business Insights run as a separate program

Business Insights can remain open while you have your company file open. If you want, you can analyse data using Business Insights while other users enter transactions in your company profile. Click Refresh to update information with their changes.

With the addition of Business Insights you can now make smarter decisions in a shorter period of time.  


8. View Contact Addresses in Google Maps (NEW!)

You can view a map of a contact's address, as well as get directions to their address via Google Maps. All you have to do is bring up the contact details stored in your MYOB card file and then click on the Google Map link found inside your MYOB Software. You can get directions from primary address of your business to the contact's address via Google Map, making service rendered to your contacts that much quicker!



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Retail Manager

Retail Point-of-Sale Management Software

If you're a retail business looking for a front end software package that both simplifies the way you run your software package that both simplifies the way you run your stire and provides you with complete control over your retail business, then MYOB Retail Manager is the ideal solution.



Why MYOB RetailManager is better for your business:

* Fast, flexible sales
* Easy to use and understand
* So much more than a cash register
* No accounting knowledge needed
* Build more profitable customer relationships
* Runs independently or links to MYOB accounting software
* Add extra sales points as needed
* Simplified stock control
* Treamlined stock taking by up to 80%
* Retail-specific business analysis

MYOB RetailManager Standard. - The complete retail picture

With RetailManager Standard it's easy to keep track of every transaction in your store from sales, stocks movements, GST ang gross profit, right through to staff actions and even customer details.

Process sales fast

Ring up cash sales, lay-bys, invoices, quotes, take customer orders and identify unique sales opportunities they represent - improving your customer service and building stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

Build Powerful Customer Relationships

With the ability to link transactions to customer, RetailManager Standard  maeks it easier to identify profitable customers and the additional sales opportunities they represent - improving your customer service and building stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

Produce Reports at Point-of-Sales

Just a couple of quick keystrokes and you can tell exactly how your store is going at any point in time - Retail Manager Standard updates your stock inventory with each transaction, so you always know what's on lay-by, what's an order and what your best-selling items are.

Manage your Stock

Create and maintain a detailed stock inventory, while simplifying the ordering, receiving and labeling of stock. Identoify slower stock and get it moving - and ensure your best sellers are always in stock.

Streamline your Stocktaking

Reduce stocktake time and minimize stock losses by keeping track of your inventory. You can scan or type products in directly, and run a stacktake on the whole store, part of the store, or a single item. You can also keep close tabs on the theft and shrinkage.

Retail-specific Business Analysis

Capture sales, stock, GST, staff and customer information with every transaction for a detailed analysis of store performance.

New RetailManager Standard Features Include:

RetailManager Security

Create sets of restrictions that can be applied to single or multiple staff members, set individual passwords, security oveeride facilities, password protection and reminder functions.

Promotional Pricing 

Add a mark-up or mark-down to a range of stock items that only applies duting certain dates and times of promotion.

Bulk Price Adjustments

Saves time and data entry by making price adjustments based on either price margin or margin, and choose whether to make the adjustments to one or more stock items within the same category.

Enhanced Bakcup and Restore Process

This feature designed to automate the backup procedure and get you up and running as soon as possible in the event of computer hardware failure. It includes an optional backup reminder that also informs you of the last time you backed up your shopfront. The back up process compresses the shopfront backup file, thereby reducing the space required to store your backups.

The restore process includes an assistant that simplifies the procedure and uses encryption to maintain security.

Touch Screen Support

Compatible touch screens allow for faster, easier sales processing because these tools free up valuable retail conter space.


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